Shiraz Chamran Hotel or Grand Chamran Hotel is a five-star luxurious hotel which is the tallest building in Shiraz and is one of the best hotels that located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz City. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ghasrodasht’s Gardens.

This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses modern devices and technology to meet the guest’s need in a perfect way and make a pleasant and enjoyable stay for them during their trip. Chamran Grand Hotel contains 250 rooms and suites with Mountain, River, Garden and City View.

Facilities:  Housekeeping and Room Cleaning, Television, Room Service and the Mini Bar, Rooms Heating and Cooling System, Laundry, Stores, Cafe Net, Hotel Taxi, Praying Room, Fire Safety Precautions
Distance:   From Airport:     19 km

Address:  No. 126, Between Felestin & Chamran Grand hotel, Chamran Ave. , Shiraz