As the name suggests, this hotel offers tourists an insight into everyday elite living during the Safavid and Qajar eras. The hotel is housed in two adjoining Qajar mansions that have been masterfully restored by skilled craftsmen from around Isfahan and Yazd and painted in bright blues and ochre. It uses symbolic Iranian architectural elements like low vaulted corridors, two central courtyards, and an entrance from a busy market. The hotel offers an internet café, a secure parking area for guests, and a cab calling service.

Facilities: Refrigerator ، TV ، Suit ، Restaurant ، Internet ، enService ، Parking ، Lobby.

Distance: From Airport:      33 km

Address:  No. 126, Between Felestin & Bagh ghalandarha 7th Alley, Masjed Hakim St., Sepah Ave