Glorious Architecture of Iran has always shone as a bright gem in the world of architecture and has been a long time.The School of Architecture has been at the forefront in terms of the way the name is glorious and famous in Iranian art and culture around the world.During the Safavi, Isfahan will benefit from the so-called glory of the half of the world.

Among the surviving works of Safavid architecture has remained on the school and the market and caravanserai set in the side that shines like a gem unique Chahar Bagh Street. It was built on the orders of Shah Soltan Hossein Safavi and offered it to his mother.

Facilities: Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym, Coffee Shop, Net Cafe, Auditorium, Restaurant, Outdoor restaurant, Traditional Restaurant, Shopping center, Green Space, Laundry, Taxi Services, Wireless Internet, Private Parking, Library, Barber, Medical Services, Outdoor Pool, Fast food restaurant, Satellite TV, ATM Bank, Prayer Room

Distance From Airport: 31 km

Address: Isfahan Amadgah St., Chahar Bagh, Isfahan