Although most of the Non-Iranians need to get a visa to enter to Iran, it is not a complicated task to do. In our visa departments, we help passengers get a 30-day visa to visit Iran.


After filling a form which is available on our website or our Visa department will provide it for you, we apply for your visa from Ministry of Foreign affairs (MFA). It will take maximum 10 working days to receive a reference code from MFA and our staff will send it simultaneously to you and the Consulate or Embassy of the place you applied for Iran Visa. With that authorization code, Iranian Embassy will issue your visa.

Visa on Arrival

Citizens of most of the countries can obtain their visa upon arrival at the administration office of MFA of 7 Iranian international airports including Imam Khomeini Airport (IKA), Mashad airport (MHD), Tabriz airport (TBZ), Shiraz airport (SYZ), Isfahan airport (ISF), Kish airport (KIH), Qeshm airport (GSM).

It is recommended to apply for Visa reference code before the trip via our visa department.

Visa for U.K, U.S, and Canadian Citizens

Travel to Iran to U.K, U.S, and Canadian citizens are not illegal. However, the procedure to apply for a visa is a little different from the citizens of other countries. 

Before applying for Reference code from MFA, travelers must have a tour program which is designed by Iranian Tour Operated according to the interest of the travelers. Then we apply for the reference code for them from MFA, which takes around 30 working days. Then with the same authorization code passengers can obtain their visa via Iranian embassy of the place applied for Iran visa, to join their guided tour in Iran.