Although Persian rugs and carpets with their intricate woven patterns are believed to be Iran’s most famous souvenir, there are many other amazing collectibles and handicrafts to take home with you. With comestibles ranging from sweets and pastries such as Gaz and Sohan to spices, nuts, and dry fruits, Iran is known as world’s leading producer of Pistachio and Saffron.

There are also a variety of decorative arts in form of crafts, tiles, and textiles. You may choose a vase of Meenakari (copper, silver or painted enamel) or an inlay (Khatam) jewelry box. Besides, each city has its local hand woven clothes such as Termeh in Yazd, Qalamkar (Textile printing) in Isfahan, Kilim in Shiraz, Zarbaft (Brocade) in Kashan, etc.

Just take your time visiting shopping areas and bazaars to discover the best gifts for your friends and families or perfect mementos from your trip to Iran.