A vast diversity of natural resources including deserts, forests, and steppes, mountains, lakes, and seas with several geographical phenomenon and diversity of the botanic and wild life, prepares a unique chance of observation and experience for Eco Tourists.

In winter travelers can enjoy skiing in Ski Resorts and back country skiing in high mountains of Alborz Mountain range in the north of Iran and at the same time, they can experience the hottest place in the world near Gandom Beryan area in Lut desert.

They can climb to the highest pick in Iran, Damavand Volcanic Mountain, in North or join Nomads and trekking in Zagros Mountain range with a fabulous scenery of flora and fauna from west to south west of Iran in spring and autumn falls. They can cross unique deserts in the center to see the verity of sceneries and scuba diving with dolphins and turtles in Qeshm Island in Persian Golf in South.

Here in Kooleh Travels, with cooperation of a professional team of Adventure Eco-tour designer called Gorgas Adventurers, we created Adventure tours to Iran. In each particular field such as Wilderness Survival Skills Training, Canyoning, Desert Trekking, Zip Lining, Off-roading, Paragliding, Balloon Riding, Jungle Trekking and Safari, we use highly educated and experienced team to operate tours in a safe and impressive way.

Our Team

Operation coordinators:


Amin Emam:

Mountain Climber

Mountain Trekker 




Anita Tavakoli : 

Jungle and Desert Trekker




Operation Team:

Abbas Jandaghi:

  • International University of Fire Fighting Tehran, Iran:
  • Master of Safety and Protection against biting and fierce animals
  • Master of Wilderness Survival
  • Master of Urban search and rescue in Earthquake
  • Tehran Safety Service & Firefighting Tehran, Iran
  • Active Fire Fighting in Urban Rescue Group
  • Members of Mountain Rescue Group, Professional Rescue Group and Air Rescue Group
  • Eco tour guide & Cultural Tour guide:
  • Marcopolo, Dorna, RaheSabz, KolePoshti & PishGharavolan Tourism Agencies
  • Master and Researcher of Kavir & Desert Tourism
  • Professional Master and Researcher of Wilderness Survival
  • Professional Master of Protection against fierce and biting animals & Toxin Plants
  • Professional Researcher of Herbal Medicine
  • Designer and Tour guide of Adventure Eco tours
  • Professional Consultant of Tourism & Wilderness Survival
  • Certificate of IRATA (Rope access) Tehran Safety Service & Fire fighting, Iran
  • Eco Tour-guide & Cultural Tour-Guide, Iran

Mehdi Sadeghi:

  • Certificate of Accident Management and Fire station from Morton College, England
  • Certificate of High Altitude search and rescue from Ucmate, USA
  • Certificate of Rope Rescue from QMS Italy Based on OSHA & NFPA Codes
  • Master of QMS (Rescue Rope) in Iran Based on OSHA & NFPA Codes
  • Certificate of Rescue Equipment, and Diving from Kong, Italy
  • Certificate of Professional Crisis Management, Professional Mountain Rescue, Traffic accident Rescue, First Aid Coaching, High Altitude Medical & Mountain, from Iranian
    Red Crescent
  • Certificate of Rock Climbing Coaching, and Raising Peaks of Iran from Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation.
  • Master of Fire Fighting & Rescue for 9 Years in Iran
  • Master of Swift Water Rescue Training, and High Altitude Rescue, Iran
  • Deputy Operation of Nayshabour Safety Service & Firefighting, Iran
  • Founder & the Chairman of the Board of Institute

Shahram Rad:

  • Certificate of Glider pilot, and Glider Flying, and Tandem Glider Flying
  • Stunt Membership in Iran Cinema Stunt Team (Eternal Stunt)
  • Participating in Rafting (Rough Water) Training for the First time and as a first group In Iran
  • Certificate of Mountain Skiing from Iran Mountaineering & Sport Climbing Federation.
  • Certificate of Glider Pilot and ParaMotor Pilot Coaching
  • Certificate of Mountain Biking Coaching
  • Certificate of Professional Rock climbing, Ice Climbing, Search and Rescue, Medical Aid, and Mountain Tourguide
  • Participating in First Mountain Skiing Competitions in 2011 and fifth Country ranking
  • Mountain Skiing of Damavand Peak with Elan Groupwork
  • Speed Raider with Austria Red Bull Team and in Dizin, Shemshak, and Darband Sar for the first time
  • Raise to Damavand Peak with Ski Touring and in Companion with Swiss Army Team (2 Raise in 7 Days)